Why Take This Course?

Do you understand the new hygiene expectations for professional drivers?

  • Ideal for..

    This course has been developed for: limousine drivers, taxi drivers, ride share drivers plus other drivers and operational staff in the personalised transport industry.

  • What you'll learn

    This course is available to all limousine, taxi and ride share drivers and provides information on best-practice hygiene in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic. In 30 minutes you'll cover all the basics you need to know relevant to your role, sanitising your vehicle, new considerations for each trip, and hygiene to keep you protected from COVID-19 and other viruses.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    COVID-19 What You Need To Know

    • 1.1 Introduction

    • 1.2 What is COVID-19?

    • 1.3 How is COVID-19 Spread?

    • 1.4 When Are Drivers At Risk?

    • 1.5 How to Protect Yourself

    • 1.6 What to Do

    • QUIZ - What You Need to Know

  • 2

    Sanitising Your Vehicle

    • 2.1 When to Sanitise Your Vehicle

    • 2.2 Which Surfaces to Sanitise

    • 2.3 What to Use to Sanitise Your Vehicle

    • 2.4 Sunshine and Fresh Air

    • QUIZ - Sanitation

  • 3

    During the Journey

    • 3.1 Communicate With Your Passengers

    • 3.2 What to do if a Passenger Coughs or Sneezes in your Vehicle

    • 3.3 Social Distancing

    • 3.4 When Your Passenger Needs Assistance

    • 3.5 Zero Contact Delivery

  • 4

    Hand Washing

    • 4.1 Proper Hand-Washing Protocol

    • 4.2 Why Soap is Best As The First Defence

    • 4.3 Personal Hygiene

    • QUIZ - Final

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Request Reporting on Drivers Who Have Completed the Course

It is your responsibility to give your clients peace of mind and keep your drivers safe. We can help you track which drivers have received Hygiene Awareness Training. All graduating students receive a Certificate of Completion. We can also create unique groups so your admin team can quickly see which of your drivers have completed the training. COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on the industry globally. Be proactive and ensure your drivers are trained in Hygiene Awareness. This will help build consumer confidence as the industry recovers. Contact us today!